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The idea for diaper bags and accessories by Hedvig Bourbon was created after having my first son Lucas.  With motherhood came the joys of toting a diaper bag.  But what happened to being fashionable?  With my kitchen as a design studio, I put my crafty Norwegian skills to work and “voila” - my stroller totes were born. 

It turns out I was not alone in my quest for fashionable strolling-gear.  Soon toting moms were stopping me on the street asking where I had bought the bag, and I realized that this was something that could give gear savvy moms and dads everywhere a stylish answer to their baby needs. 

The collection is designed for moms and dads on the move, with emphasis on function and style. All fabrics and materials are of the highest quality to ensure that the diaper bags and accessories stand up to the rigors of everyday use.  Each item is hand made with love in New York with careful attention paid to creating the beautiful details that make this collection fashionable yet practical.

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